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Is It Safe?

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Hello , i have recently bought this service to be anonymous from the big bad ISP while i download torrents. I would like some clarity as to what my ISP can see me do while using the torguard torrent proxy. Is it safe to download as much as i desire using uTorrent, is it safe to download multiple torrent files at once, safe to seed? or does my ISP still see how much bandwidth i am using. I have before gotten emails to stop using torrent sites and i would not like that to happen again. So am I safe with the torguard torrent proxy only?


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Hello Merskies


If your proxy is setup correctly and leaky features are disabled then your ISP will see nothing, all traffic will go through the proxy and not you - you will be safe.


We always recommend you use VPN though as this will encrypt all traffic flowing through your computer, either on its own or in conjunction with your proxy, we offer a very good price on our bundle deals.



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Yes and No!


While the communication through proxy itself seems secure, how your torrent client uses it may not be. And unless you are a network engineer with a sniffer like WireShark handy and the time break down your traffic packets to see what is really going on, you will never really know.


You can also use simple tools like the dos command line netstat, but the results can be misleading.


In my experience, uTorrent on Windows a machine worked find, provided I did NOT use DHT. (a "leaky feature" I think) However, the uTorrent that runs on my Buffalo NAS drives did not use the socks proxy completely, at least some of the time, when talking to the trackers.


If you really want to be sure, use a VPN via a DD-WRT router.


You may also want to check services like http://www.mypiracy.net/ to see if anything new is showing up for you now and going forward . . .

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