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Australian VPN servers not working.

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whats going on with these servers :-


can't seem to get a reliable connection with these servers using both Torguard viscosity client and my draytek router using L2TP.


they both connect but no traffic will get passed with them servers.


the other 2 Australian servers work as expected.





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sorry i think it could be my end.

what im trying to do is get my draytek 2830 to connect via 2 different WAN's so i can use one WAN to the vpn and the other users use the other WAN to the VPN.


draytek support made me allow them to access the 2830 but i dont know as yet if they know why i can't connect to the same VPN provider at the same time using 2 different WAN's.



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Are you trying to connect to the same server ?




for some reason any VPN's setup on my draytek 2830 will not go via any other WAN except WAN1.

its ok when i use the VPN clients on the computers themselves eg built in to windows one and torguards clients..

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