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smtp, dns..

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Ok, start of wall of text.


im peeved at not being able to use smtp while connected using VPN.


PIA allows it why not you?.


So if im in a coffee shop or wherever free open non encrypted wifi is i cant use this VPN to send email from my computer.


DNS now, why on earth are your dhcp servers still pushing out google dns settings?


I had to work out (after asking your live help and being given a completely useless webpage to goto) using your customized version of Viscosity.

i needed to duplicate your locked connection to get it so i can edit it to add in your secure dns servers all cos your still pushing out google dns settings and you cant change the adapter settings for dns as the Viscosity client keeps setting the adapter back to Obtain DNS server address automatically.

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Hi all,


first off im using win 8.1pro with all the latest updates.


right, after support ticketing with advanced support i have gathered this :-


they are dhcp'ing google dns ip addresses because those dns servers are faster.


(hopefully google doesn't log and shove in little presents).


you have to make a duplicate of an existing locked connection to edit it so you can input the tors secure dns ip addresses.


The torguard viscosity client will override and set it to automatically get dns addresses, within your adapter dns settings if you manually set it within there.


So the only way to get it to use torguard's dns ip address is from within the client.


again if you have to add routing so certain things don't go over the VPN you have to make a duplicate and then its unlocked so you can edit it.


the connection configs are still auto updated but only if you use Torguards version of Viscosity so your out of luck if you buy the one from SparkLabs.


sending emails by smtp, looks like its been resolved and yes i was using SSL and the smtp server that i use requires a username and password to work.


im hopeless at trying to get my point across.


hopefully this info ive gathered will help someone else?


have a good one im off to bed...



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You have control over the DNS you use - in regards to SMTP, its essential to block this protocol on these types of services - otherwise spammers will send zillions of spam and affect the network.


We can allow for certain users though on request.



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yes after having to make a duplicate connection and editing that new duplicate with the DNS. your program will reset the adapter to automatic so no good doing it the adapter way.

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