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A few questions please

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I have a few questions.


I can't find an 'about us' page. Is there a page? Who are you people?


Is there a physical location for your business? Which servers do you have physical control of? In other words which servers are in the physical presence of employees? I would rather connect to the servers in your presence than co-location servers.


Do you have a status security page? For example a page where you address vulnerabilities in OpenVPN? OpenVPN has a vulnerability related to OpenSSL vulnerability disclosed June 5. Do you give a status update when you have patched for that vulnerability? Important. I don't want to connect when there is some vulnerability and my traffic can be intercepted.


Why can't we post on the forum anonymously? What if you receive a subpoena for an account? I want to post to the forum anonymously and that means an account not linked with my torguard login.


Do you have a page with all your supported encryption algorithms and HMACs for OpenVPN?



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TorGuard Admin

I'd be happy to answer your questions:


TorGuard serves an international audience, so for this reason most of our staff is distributed around the globe. Our dedicated team is comprised of support staff, customer service, network engineers and software developers.


TorGuard currently maintains 350+ servers in 34 countries and is expanding every month. We only utilize data centers which meet our strict security criteria and TG’s own staff privately manages, deploys and configures each server “in house”. Once a server is deployed, all password access is disabled leaving the server only accessible by our staff through a single private key. In this way it is not possible for any of our data centers or hosting partners to silently record or log traffic. We do maintain actual "physical" access to all US, UK and Canada locations.


Our staff took quick action against the HeartBleed OpenSSL bug - all software and servers are patched 100%:




The recent OpenSSL vuln released last week does not affect us. In the event of a system wide audit or security update clients are always notified via email in the monthly newsletter. We also post this information publicly on the blog.


At this time anonymous forum posting is not allowed due to spam.


We are getting ready to release an updated server status page and will consider including more encryption info for each location here.


Thank you for your questions and suggestions!


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