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VPN Servers

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Instead of creating a ticket I thought I would create a thread so that if others have the same interest they can read it here.


I have two main questions/issues. The first question is with regards to number of simultaneous connections to the VPN services. Is there a way I can track the status of devices that are currently connected to the VPN service? IE: just to get a headcount to make sure I don't go over the limit.



The second question is regarding the updated list of servers. I have noticed that the server list found here on the server status page does not completely reflect the servers available in the latest ovpn config files. I spent half a day reconfiguring my router to allow internal vpn connections to bypass my routers vpn connection only to find out the reason it wasn't working was because I was using the server status page list of servers. I went into each ovpn config file to get the complete list of vpn servers to add to my routers iptables rules to update my router. My concern with this method is that the servers may change/new ones added and I would have to repeat the process again. Will the server status page be updated to reflect all the vpn servers found in the ovpn config files, if not then is there an easier way to retrieve the most up to date (and complete) server list?



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Hi Jig


There is no way of telling within the account area how many devices you have connected - if you reach your limit you will know as it will simply refuse the connection for the 6th.


The My Servers will be updated this coming week, we have added a ton of servers since then and these will be reflected on this page this week, we normally add them right away but due to workload it was further down on the to-do list.


If any servers however are taken out or replaced they are changed on this page immediately.



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