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Disable DHT and UDP trackers?

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After reading a few favourable comments and reviews, I was looking at a new torrent client called Tixati the other day. During the setup and while enterig the the proxy server details I came across this comment in the software:


IMPORTAT: SOCKS/HTTP proxy servers only support outgoing TCP connections. Incoming connections and UDP will not be affected by these settings.

You should turn off DHT and disable UDP tracker connections if you are using a SOCKS/HTTP proxy to conceal your true IP address.


See: http://support.tixati.com/Settings_-_Network_-_Proxy


Ok, can someone please shed some light on this for me? When I disable UDP trackers and disable DHT - its game over, no connections not surprisingly.


What does this comment mean and how does it affec the setup with Torguard's proxy service?


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Hi Allan - its pretty much saying it doesn't proxy udp based connections so they would go outside the proxy through your regular ISP, i suggest switch to a client such as Vuze or even better switch to VPN.



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