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What's the deal with 2FA?

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So i enabled it on my account page, but when I come over to the forums theres an option to enable it again.  Just curious if im supposed to actually be using 2 separate passwords for my account and for the forum?  I assumed they were one and the same but the 2FA implementation leads me to believe otherwise.   I cant imagine you guys wanting us to use 2FA for one and not for the other so I can only assume that they arent linked in any way and somehow mine got linked up/sharing the same username/password?

this potentially leads me into my second question.   If they are in fact supposed to be independent of one another, i'm seeing no means to update the forum password in account settings. 

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nope, messing around with the "forgot password" button seems to have this sharing the same password as the "billing password" aka the non forum/account page.   This is ideal (for me) i'm not a fan of sites that separate the two.

that being said, i'm now back on my original inquiry.  why does enabling 2FA ask for my OTP when logging into the client area, but not ask for my OTP when logging in here?   Furthermore why is there a second option to enable 2FA for this?  

considering I use a password manager this seems like a quick way to lock myself out or get warnings about duplicate passwords if i make a separate entry for the forums for one OTP and the client area for another OTP.

last possibility is it was an oversight and they are supposed to be tied together (which ought to be the case) but i'll wait to hear back. 

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