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Best Protocol???

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I was under the impression that Wireguard was the preferred security to utilize with the TorGuard client. However I was reading a Feb. 2022 article in Torrent Freak.

It appeared that TorGuard had written the reply to the article and I quote "9. For a high level of security, we would recommend using OpenVPN with AES-256-GCM-SHA512 using our stealth VPN protocol as an added measure through the TorGuard desktop or mobile apps."

Torrent Freak

Just to end my confusion, how should I be configuring the client's protocol for best security? What are the pros and cons


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I Believe Wireguard is just Fine it's a Newer Protocol and is one of the Fastest!!

Most people Choose Wireguard Since Wireguard is Faster, However Recently Torguard Released the NEW OpenVPN "WinTUN" In the Torguard Settings you can Change the OpenVPN Driver between TAP and WinTun. TAP is the OLD Slower Option. 

Both Wireguard and OpenVPN-WinTun Protocols are Both Fast and Secure! There are not many Cons to either. As For Cipher AES-256-GCM - If Using OpenVPN That is a Good Combination Yes as for the Different Options For Port* >> SHA256 , SHA512 , SHA1  , Just use whichever you want I personally use TCP Port 4443-SHA256 Just to take advantage of the Obfuscation Stealth Features.

A Long time ago there was a Protocol people used "PPTP" Which most people Avoid using these days because apparently it's no longer secure as it can be almost instantly decrypted but Torguard does not offer PPTP in the Client anyways it's a Fast Protocol just very old and insecure these days - Torguard Might Have a few PPTP servers But Maybe Not some users like to use it in their Older Routers as Most Old Basic Routers Only have a PPTP Client inside their settings so if a user wants to setup a VPN inside a Old Router Often times PPTP is the Only Protocol which Old Routers are Compatible with But obviously you would want to use a Newer Better Protocol if you had the option, I have a few Very Old Routers that Are not Compatible with other Firmware such as DD-WRT or others so your stuck using the stock Firmware usually the stock firmware at the very least has PPTP, Most VPN's Don't Offer PPTP just because it's so old and insecure, Nice for Legacy Support though on Older Devices/Hardware Support it.

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