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Torguard customer service non responsive

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I have sent two emails to torguard asking how to bypass lost ark NA VPN bans with no success.

Do they even have customer service?


Anyways, can anybody help me out here? It seems like easy anti cheat is detecting unusual network and prevents me from accessing the game.

Any idea how to go about it? Luckily I do not need to use VPN right now, but I will be travelling to China for work purposes in the future.

I have tried stealth ip, wireguard, openvpn and nothing works unless I load it up first then connect before the game splash screen loads.

This may not work in China due to China IP being blocked. Somebody suggested that I use private Ip, but not even sure that will work.

TL DR; Lost ark banned China IP and VPN usage. This is done through easy anti cheat. Need a stable workaround

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hello, yes, there is quite responsive support, they normally reply within an hour. Are you asking on torguard's vpn forum about how to get around anti cheat detection for ability to cheat? Maybe wrong forum for that question, especially when you say it is not about vpn.

For the rest of your questions, probably support can reply them, there is even china dns for users in china, I would consider torguard works in china, but to confirm it ask support. Person who in my opinion suggested correctly private ip is right.

I would suggest you get torguard subscription for shortest possible period and test it, if it does not work for you, you can stop your subscription and get your money back (I guess it is only for 14 days or so, ask support for more).

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Hi, Thank you for that.

I already have torguard subscription but the basic one, so unsure if I would still get my money back.

I am not asking for work arounds for 'cheating', just allowing usage of VPN. When was using VPN considered cheating anywhere?

I sent them an email twice and they are unresponsive. First email was about getting a private IP and second one was similar to that. No reply to both.

I sent an email to proton vpn due to lack of support. Might switch over if they can cater to my conditions.

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I did not say vpn is considered cheating, I just said that I am not clearly understanding the question.

If you alrady do have a subscription, then you can login and open a ticket from your account, just as a tip in case something with email communication went wrong.

On same user account, you can get different kinds of private ip's for a previously mentioned test and I believe for that additional product you would get money back in case it is not usefull for you.

For the rest I hope you find a provider if torguard does not satisfy your needs, best is you run your own.

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