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website crashes

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Recently when just doing normal everyday web surfing my browser begins locking up , or locking up and then crashing.  It is not on every site .  One site that comes to mind where this happens  is Trulia.  If I go to the site without using torguard there is never an issue and there are no problems.  To me is seems that something Torguard recently changed in its programming is causing the issue.  Since Trulia isn't really a site where viewing through a vpn should be a problem it seems that there may be other issues with torguards programming that needs to be looked into.  Anyone else having similar issues on mundane vanilla sites?

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Nope. Never happened to me with any kind of client I was using. I suggest, using a different OS or browser to see if the same happens there.
A bit more info would be helpful. Are you using the browser plugin ? Which browser ? The OS installation file ? Which version ? Or a router running the VPN ?
You see, there are many possibilities that could be the cause of your problems 😉

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