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No Internet when running TorGuard with work VPN

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I use TorGuard to access the internet on my PC. I just started working from home and had to set up a work VPN connection as well. Last year working from home there were no issues, but now if I start the work VPN (using the built-in Windows VPN) alongside the TorGuard (using the TorGuard app), there is no internet connection. If I turn off one or the other, the internet comes back. If I turn on "Use default gateway on remote network" the internet will also come back but then I think my work VPN can basically see everywhere I go on their end if I'm not mistaken. What should I look for to make these two run together? 

Screenshot 2022-01-24 080125.png

Screenshot 2022-01-24 080250.png

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Hey @mbiggs31183 ,

The Setup you are using Does Not look Very Common.., Depending on how it is setup one VPN may need to be started First* Before the other one and things such as DNS will have to be Properly set for each basically there are alot of things that can go wrong or get Misaligned , Likely something got Misaligned Somewhere. By Looking at the settings Picture you posted i am guessing you are using a Old Version of the Torguard App Possibly so first i would suggest updating to the newest Version 4.8.6 Preferably doing a Clean Uninstall using an uninstaller tool such as Revo Uninstaller if you have one Then Installing the Newest Version Cleanly.

Then In Windows Search for Network Reset and do a Full Network Reset! Hopefully the Network Reset Works - if that does not work i would suggest Contacting Support because your specific setup is less Common and more Advanced than Average you will have to supply as much info as possible with maybe more pictures and give them a clear idea of the setup you are using likely something is misconfigured somewhere but since the setup you are using is slightly more Advanced it's hard to tell where specifically the problem might be as it could be in multiple different areas. Best way to Contact Support is through the Ticket System Here >> https://torguard.net/supporttickets.php

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