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Torguard VPN Apps

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When I signed up for Anon VPN I was provided several links for set up downloads.


The first one when installed just says Torguard and has a grey pop up which allows the user to keep their login info. This app is working just fine.


The next one I installed was OpenVPN GUI...it is not working as after I enter my log in info a script begins to run in the window but then the log in window opens again wanting me to enter my user and pass all over again. That glitch continues regardless how many times I re enter my info. I am running the app as Admin.


So to keep it simple...do both these two apps provide the vpn service (albeit different protocols??)


Can I just use the first Torguard app to achieve my vpn anonymity?

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Hi Ron, Thanks for posting... Yes, both apps use OpenVPN encryption to tunnel your internet traffic. There is no need to use both, we suggest using the TorGuard OpenVPN app as it will auto update with our latest servers at all times. This ensure you have the fasted connection experience possible.

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