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Setting up Torguard in Ubuntu Touch

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16 minutes ago, Fteacher said:

As the title clearly indicates, I try to setup Torguard on Ubuntu Touch.
I have tried to adapt this tutorial https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-news-1/post/vpn-on-ubuntu-touch-3022 but the answer from the vpn app is that my credentials are wrong, and I'm pretty sure they're not. Anyone succeded or failed like me ?

Hey @Fteacher

I have Never Heard of Ubuntu Touch Until Just Now, The guide you linked there does Not look Super easy i Notice that it gives Directions For setting up a Different VPN - So Specific Settings such as Encryption Algorithm and Ports and other Technical Aspects May Differ slightly it Doesn't look like a Very easy Guide. I Think the Ubuntu Touch Has An Appstore though which has "Wireguard" APP Possibly? Installing the Wireguard App and Generating a Wireguard Config File might be Alot Easier.

You Can Generate Configs Here - Make sure to set for Wireguard>> https://torguard.net/tgconf.php?action=vpn-openvpnconfig

If that Does Not work you can Always Try Contacting Support through the Ticket system and i am sure they can help give you some Ideas/Guidance. > https://torguard.net/supporttickets.php

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