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Where is the new client? Existing client still a mess on macOS

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I like Torguard for the overall speeds and # of connections, but the macOS client is still really flaky, and honestly a huge piece of untested junk in my experience.

(1) If I click the icon from toolbar and then 'show/hide' it never seems to appear to the foreground. Same goes for if I click on it from the dock. Anyone else deal with this?
(2) Server list from mac menubar should show the most recent or connected. Frustrating to scroll down
(3) Adding custom IPs is just... broken. See here: https://imgur.com/a/uOTybij
(4) Constant beachballs still when disconnecting
(5) Still no Apple silicon support, and were are now 1 year and 2 months from release. Where is the new client?
(6) Can you guys PLEASE move away from crappy Qt and just write this in something macOS native?

2021 macbook 16" / macOS monterey, but all of these issues have happened on all my devices.

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Hey @Neil

I don't use MacOS , I Have been On Mainly Windows my whole Life - But I am sure they are Working on Updates, There was an Update to The MacOS Release on December 23rd 2021 Which Updated it to Version 4.8.5 I Believe. Have you Contacted Support To Report these Issues that you are experiencing?

I am Not sure how many people use MacOS with Torguard so it's possible some of those things may not have been reported yet.. it's usually best to let them know through a Support ticket >> https://torguard.net/supporttickets.php , because you get a Direct Response from them usually Fairly Quickly so they will be able to answer your questions Maybe they will ask for Debug Logs to Help Get things Sorted out Sooner. If you or others have already Reported it to them Then i am sure they will be working on Fixing/Improving any Problems people are experiencing as soon as they know about them, I find they are very open to Suggestions/Feedback.

Hopefully if there are Others that use MacOS and see this thread they can touch on it to let you know if they have experienced any of the same things , I mainly use the Windows Client and have not experienced any of those things you mentioned - The windows Client runs Very Smoothly , so it's likely only happening on Mac and Surely it will Get fixed soon Just make sure you Let them know about any Problems you experience right away so they know about it and Can Work on it right away.

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