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Check My Torrent IP tool showing my location

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When I run the check my torrent ip tool (https://torguard.net/checkmytorrentipaddress.php) it returns two IP addresses...the first is the VPN address and the second is my location (which I confirmed via https://www.iplocation.net/ip-lookup)

  • I am using TorGuard v4.8.5 on a Windows 10 machine
  • I have tested with both OpenConnect and Wireguard
  • I am using the qBittorrent 4.3.7 client for the test


Is this normal during this test? Am I misreading the results of the test or is there a leak?


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I believe that I have been able to sort this out :) 

For additional testing, I tried a different torrent client (uTorrent) and it only showed the VPN ip address during the test. I then checked the advanced settings in the qBittorrent client and it was set to all adapters. Once I bound it to the TorGuard adapter (wg-torguard) then the test only showed the VPN address (as I would expect).

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