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Is torguard abandoning SOCKS proxy?

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I've noticed SOCKS proxy service performance degrading over the last year or so (seems like it started when the services were bundled.) Is this service just being allowed to wither and die now that it doesn't exist as a standalone product? We no longer have any US proxy servers listed and the ones in Canada randomly stop responding, so North American service is effectively crippled. If proxy service is still important to me should I just find a new provider?

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this was the same question,
i was about to ask as I've been with Torguard, for well over 6 years and just renewed for 2 more years 
i love the company , but in the last 3month's i noticed the same thing and this starting to be a real pain as 90% of my use age with the company is for my downloading via Socks5 service, but it's really started to downgrade 
due to the loss of all the servers , 
i in fact about 6mth's ago saved the socks5 page and the difference between now and then has become a joke 
as its really screwing up my download connections more and more,
it's not due to speeds etc and i always get a 100% as if i was downloading without a VPN
it's down to the fact i keep getting the same message more and more now 

"A Socket operation was attempted to a unreachable host"  time and time again plus a few other messages  
and this is with using the Your Proxy Details Summary
SOCKS5 Hostname 1:    proxy.torguard.org
SOCKS5 Hostname 2:    proxy.torguard.io
SOCKS5 Hostname 3:    proxy.secureconnect.me
SOCKS5 Ports:    1080,1085,1090
or as i was told by staff pick a static ip from the socks5 page 

which I've done , yet you no longer have those ip in the USA  and now it seems only 3 country's when we used to have 15-20 to pick from 
but even with use the static ip ( also changing between the 3 socks5 ports)
it will work for a bit, anything from 30mins to a few days as i leave my qbit running 24/7  then I'm kicked off again
then i get the error and  kicked of even those more and more in the last 2-3 months 

it's really becoming a pain as I'm losing my peers and seeds due this it now become a joke even finishing of a big file 
as by the time i get back on the seeders have gone or if i lucky as i leave it on 24/7 i may beadle to reconnect to them a few days to a week later on 

the socks5 service was never this bad , i've been reselling your services in the past to people due to the fact of how good the socks5 was 
but as i staid and in the above post , in the last 2-3 months its become a joke almost 

i have the  Anonymous VPN Standard plan with the email etc, i pay bi-year for it happy due to my Aff sales

i love the service that Torguard gives and before c-19 hit was always pushing the service to my clients etc when i could 
or pushing my aff link in post on places i go 

but now i really don't have a clue as to what your doing are you killing off the socks5 services etc 
if so what's the replacement should i be using from you over socks5 for my Proxy service on my torrent client as i can't run the app 24/7 as i'll get geo problems for some of the company sites i have to deal with where i live and not want to be turning app/programme on and off every 5 mins due to work 

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We are not abandoning the socks5 proxy at all guys - we removed the US servers for specific reasons, we did replace them with servers within Europe.

We are adding mores socks5 in and around Canada very shortly to beef up the socks5 network a bit and so performance will improve at this point.



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