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Update 1046 removed configs

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The last few updates have been giving me problems.


Last time I uninstalled, downloaded the latest from the download page.. and the issue was resolved, but I noticed I no longer had seperate TCP & UDP options for each city/country, just one per.


This update 1046, I have suddenly no connections configured... no .conf file(s).

I searched for a solution, found a TorGuardPRO.zip file to download with the .ovpn files. I see these have the UDP & TCP options again.

Copied all of the .ovpn & .crt files to the TorGuard.Viscosity folder hoping that would do it, but TorGuard is looking for a .conf file.


I must be missing something obvious, but I'm stuck.



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The configs should be pre-loaded - Can you try below please:


1) Disable all features of security software, AV's and Firewalls.

2) Uninstall Viscosity

3) Reinstall Viscosity from our downloads page here torguard.net/downloads.php while security software is still disabled.

4) Re-enable Security software but make sure our app is whitelisted and torguard.net is whitelisted.



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