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where can I see all active connections

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On 11/11/2021 at 7:58 PM, Support said:


We do not have the ability to do this as we do not log who is connected or what device is connected - if you wish to be sure all devices are logged out, change your password here https://torguard.net/managecredentials.php

This will automatically logout all devices using the old password.



Maybe adding to the api call "invalidate" next to setup, which would invalidate public key. That way one can disable a specific "user"/connection as they all can create own public/private keys. However, that would be a solution only for wireguard users as you can manage users by keys and do not really need a management overview on torguard side.

More complicated and expensive solution would be own server to which all users have credentials which runs the api calls (users then manage their connections on their own).

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