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Do we have an IPv6 support ETA?

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My understanding was that IPv6 support would be coming very soon, but I have yet to see further updates or information regarding this. Do we have a timeline for IPv6 support or a probable ETA?

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1 hour ago, Zydus said:

They refuse to answer since february, just go with the assumption that there will be no IPv6 any time soon.

If taken that strict, then I must admit you are wrong. The question is when IPv6 support is coming, but not for which product, therefore you are wrong because 10Gbit servers have ipv6, meaning that you can at least use socks with ipv6 support:



It means there is already ipv6 support for socks (maybe proxy too as well it might be some testservers around too). For further info you probably should ask support by dropping them email or creating a ticket because this specific question seems to be in work as we can see it working on some servers. Test servers which you use if they support ipv6, with wireguard you still can setup your interface to actually route all ipv4 traffic over torguards ipv4 peer (vpn) and ipv6 goes over another peer (local) which uses sock5 with ipv6 support. WIth that workaround you get ipv6 support even if your own network/isp does not provide you with one ipv6, the only which would not work over ipv6 would be port forwarding, however, if you have ipv6 from your provider then using it for port forwarding would work just fine too.

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