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request RAM-only servers

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POLL: RAM- only servers  

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  1. 1. Should Torguard implement running it's servers on RAM-only to better ensure server security and remain competitive amongst VPN providers for it's clientbase?

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Would request that Torguard have a serious look into using servers being run on RAM only.

Benefits of operating servers in RAM include:

  1. It's harder for unauthorized person's or groups to gain access to data. Hackers cannot install back doors and hence cannot steal any user private keys. This is because the Operating System and the necessary files are all loaded on boot via a read-only image. This read-only image is hard to compromise because it is cryptographically signed.
  2. It is easier to get data from traditional Hard Drives. Even if data is erased, software commonly used by law enforcement can still recover some data.
  3. Interested parties with curious and prying eyes can get encryption keys from the server configuration. Additionally, if the server is physically seized, the Hard Drive can be accessed with ease. No VPN provider in the world will take the risk of going to jail if not handing over server logs when court order subpoena to do so. Logs will be handed over. Regardless of no-logs stated claim.
  4. RAM-only servers ensure user activities will never fall to unauthorized persons or parties. A simple remote reboot will wipe all the data on the servers. This also bolsters the Torguard's no-log policy.
  5. If the servers are physically seized, no Torguard user needs to worry about sensitive data. Torguard can initiate security procedures to reboot the servers remotely. When this happens, all data from the previous session will be lost.
  6. A read-only image provides consistency to all of Torguard's servers. Loading an entire software stack at boot gets rid of any mis-configurations. When using Hard Drives, any and all incremental updates can alter some server configurations There will be differences in server configurations and this can lead to vulnerabilities on Torguard's end.
  7. A RAM-only Torguard service ensures utmost privacy and security, consistency and performance.
  8. Better to have servers on RAM than on physical Hard Drives.  Many current VPN providers have servers running on RAM. Torguard should do so as well to remain competitive amongst competing VPN providers. There are only a few selected VPN providers that use the above mentioned for their clients. Torguard is not one of them. Recommend Torguard change to RAM only servers. Please have a serious look into this.
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