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Is TorGuard applying IPv6 right now?

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@Support API responds on 10Gbit server, you can try it with:

# Example for UK 10Gbit server (I changed few values to XX)
https://YourUsername:[email protected][2aXX:24XX:e0XX:XX:e6XX:2dXX:fe00:cfa0]:1443/api/v1/setup?public-key=YourPublicKeyUrlEncoded

It delivers the config, for now the config includes only IPv4 address, no IPv6. Would need to check if port forwarding works over ipv6, meaning that a person without IPv6 can get/have free IPv6 with port forwarding :).

If you try your 10Gbit in EU, you will notice that it has IPv6 address. Using it as socks lets one reach ipv6 addresses.

All of it is quite nice for those who do not have IPv6 but need to access IPv6 addresses, for those who have ipv6 only it means they can connect and use wireguard ... over ipv6 and get ipv4.

Would be nice to know status about it.

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