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Emule help needed please

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Hey guys need some help please!  Bit new to VPNs and i have figured out i need to do a portforward request for  emule but i have no idea what info should be in that request . If someone could let me know that would be awesome!    thanks

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TorGuard Dashboard

  1. https://torguard.net/clientarea.php?action=products
  2. Click "Manage" to the right of your VPN subscription
  3. Click "Port Forward Request"
  4. From the VPN side, if you're using the TorGuard VPN client you can click "Connection Details" and find the external IP or optionally you can use wtfismyip.com
  5. Make sure port/auth matches your config or client settings

Emule Client

  1. Click "Options"
  2. Click "Connection"
  3. Find and copy the TCP and UDP port and add them into the port forward request
  4. After you submitted your request, restart/reconnect your VPN connection
  5. Click "Test Ports" from the connection screen to see if everything is working


If you still struggle I could create image instructions to help you.



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hey thanks a bunch for the reply really appreciate that - sorry but i  couldnt follow your reply!  If you  could take the time to give me image instructions that would be awesome..   thanks alot. Purple


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