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i am TRYing to pay a plan from that vpn

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i am TRYing to pay a plan from that vpn, everytime i got to the check out, nothing works, i add my card info, when i process it , it got canceled automatically. do you guys have any idea. i tried at least 5times. two of my friend tried to buy it as well same thing happened.

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Is your card a debit card or a credit card? If it does not work, then it could be something that torguard maybe needs time to resolve, I have sometimes same issues when paying for services, some do not accept debit cards, for some is requirement a credit card (like car rental), but there is always a payment provider which for some reason does not accept one card and another has to be used, that is the reason why it is good to have more than 1 card as long as it does not cost you a penny.

If you do not want to wait for TG to resolve it, you might pay in any other form, as example buy simply crypto in amount which you need and pay with crypto, works nice and you do not need to expose your credit card. Also, I am sure TorGuard can give you some discount, every customer can create some promo code too, by that it might be now cheaper for you and your friends than you though ;) . If nobody gives you some promo code which I doubt, write me a pm and I'll send you one.

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