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Preventing DNS Leak on Andriod on Sony Bravia TV

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Hi -- I have a TG VPN account and have the latest version of the Torguard app for Android installed.  Configured it appears to connect just fine.  In Kodi, I run the DNS Leak Test add-on and it shows that there is a DNS leak.

Any idea on how to prevent this?\

I do have the IP v6 leak prevention option enabled in the TG app.

Thanks in advance!

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you should set some dns on your TV, on possibility on your router too, as example cloudflares:



I am also not sure about kodi and bravia as I do not have any experience with Bravia, check network settings in your kodi to see which dns it uses, it might be sufficient to set it in kodi if that option is available on bravia.

I am using kodi on several devices on there is no leaking when I am connected to torguard.

However, setting your router's dns would probably resolve it for any device in your network, as example on some LG TV's not only dns should be set, but region where TV is used.


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