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Keep getting hacked using Torguard Vpn

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Hacked?? , Not sure if you are using the proper word there.

Your Microphone was turning on/off ..... what does that have to do with Torguard it sounds Unrelated.
It does sound like maybe a hardware/Software Glitch or a Virus.
It is possible you are Infected with a Virus but it would not have anything to do with Torguard. Do you use an Antivirus? Have you tried Scanning your Computer for Viruses?

If you are using Windows Defender the Free Antivirus that is included with Windows >> It is Fairly Useless it usually detects things AFTER you get infected. Windows Defender is not good at actually Blocking Threats. I would Suggest Running Multiple Scans from Various Virus Scanners to make sure your Computer is Not infected and if All the scans Detect Nothing then it could just be a Simple Hardware/software Glitch with your Microphone. But I would think Probably Virus. Not Related to Torguard Though.

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2 hours ago, tdinnan said:

I keep getting hacked everytime i install torguard vpn. I sat at my desktop computer and watched my microphone get turned on and off.

Aha, why do you :lol: install everytime torguard vpn and does it mean you are not hacked after you have installed it? I actually do think you are not looking for advice, as your post seems to be a joke, but anyway, try linux linux or even better, clean your windolls or mac pc hdd by zero format, update your bios/firmware, install linux, it should make your life much easier and less paranoid

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Torguard client has nothing to do with it and if you do not believe it, just use wireguard, openvpn or openconnect clients. Norton security and malware killer does not tell me anything, only that you seem to require those tools for whatever reason, they mostly just slow down your system, make issues with other programs and in fact do not protect you at all. One has also to understand, AV/Security software is the perfect spying tool for any company spying with it. If one believes Apple devices are alternative, well, like expected apple dropped end to end encryption and wants even to have control over your data even if you do not upload it anywhere.

So far, probably most popular would be advice to use ubuntu, which again is deeply involved with microsoft and does indeed not only spy on you, but their engineers blatantly silence and enforce silencing any discussion about it, from such people one should not expect any less spying and backdoors, with that, ubuntu and its services are probably still a lot better for you than windows or mac os, but if you go for linux, better go for some mickey soft independant linux distribution which does not employee crooks posing as engineers.

If you do not want ubuntu, but something like it, go for debian which is the base and on which ubuntu is built. FreeBSD and some other might not be user friendly on first view if you are new to linux, but are for sure worth trying them out as long as you got free time for such experiments.

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