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connect on boot vs adding specific apps to connect when opened?

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so am i correct in thinking an app added to the "include apps to vpn" list should connect the vpn when those specific apps are opened? is this correct or am i looking at that wrong? and then if i am correct how can i tell that when i open that app its actually connecting the vpn since there is no way to see if its on on most apps? or do i need to have the vpn on boot option enables to always connect then set it exclude the specific apps i dont want to use the vpn? 


so as an example i am in the usa and i pay for netflix here i dont need the vpn for that and without the dedicated ip it would not connect to it anyway. but if i have it set to auto connect on boot every time then i have to go in and turn it off every time i want to use netflix or say disney+. i only want to use the vpn for select apps and i saw that you can do that in the settings which is one major reason why i decided to get a year. 


so can someone clarify for me if i am correct and if not how to properly set that up. and then is there really anyway to tell if the vpn connects when a specific app set on the list is opened up? i only want 2 or 3 specific apps to be on the vpn and the rest to not be. 


thank you for the help. i love it otherwise so far its working great for everything else just this one thing to get working and it will be perfect. 

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