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Split tunneling - when?

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Staff haven't given an eta but I imagine once they get it sealed tight the feature will be here soon enough. Here is a response from May:


For now, if you're savvy with the Windows you can setup your firewall as a killswitch to allow for split tunnelling in a way. I wrote a guide on the forums here for how to setup a Firewall killswitch awhile ago, admittedly it's overly complex and could be made to be simplified but it will give you a good idea how to get it to work. Basically the program you want to bypass VPN would need to be allowed outgoing connections in the Private namespace, assuming you blocked all outgoing connections by default.

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48 minutes ago, Morphy said:

Thanks for the info :)

Im running Ubuntu server :)

On Linux you could use iptables, I don't know the exact procedure to get it to work similarly to Windows but it is possible. What version of Ubuntu are you running, I'll try playing with it in a VM.

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On 6/13/2021 at 9:32 AM, Morphy said:

Hi guys.

When will this option be implemented in TG? 

Thanks :)


We are working on it now, we have 2 ways of doing so, we are testing both ways - we need to be sure its as secure as possible as we have found leaks in most of those who do offer it.


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