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WireGuard Credentials Fail on Config Generator & Android Auth Failure

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The WireGuard Config Generator for my router fails to generate any credentials and states I need to check my username and password.


The Android app reports the same problem.


I have OpenVPN connectivity within Ubuntu Linux.


Also I would like to redeem my free router!

Recipient's Name & Address sent to your Sales Support!


Thanks Again!

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Just wanted to provide the solution:


1) Upgrade to the latest build of DD-WRT.

Older releases do not implement the latest version of WireGuard utilized by TorGuard.


2) Generate your public and private key from within DD-WRT's GUI to have a "peer public key" generated by the config gen.

The configuration in their tutorial is very similar to the latest interface. The kill switch also appears to be operational.


Some warning signs:

1) The Wireguard page on DD-WRT will state there is no route to the "peer".

In the latest builds of DD-WRT there is a place you can input the DNS servers via tunnel ( and it seems to resolve hostnames fine.

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