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Cant seem to get Port forwarding to work with ddns server.

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Evening all.

Cant seem to get my VPN working with a ddns server.
Some background info,
I used to have a ddns server which updated my DDNS name with my ip address, every time my ip address changed, either on a modem reboot or when the internet company changed it.
This was built in to the router and worked perfectly, but after I changed internet providers, this stopped working because I moved from a direct internet connection to one thats behind
their internal network, my router is connected to their router which is connected to their modem.
My routers external ip address is now a 10.x.x.x domain as opposed to my original which was connected to the internet backbone,
My router was set up to port forward amongst others 9090 & 25575 ports to my Qnap and Minecraft server machines.


Torguard is running in dedicated IP mode, it is connected, and when i check my ip address it correctly shows aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

I have set manually my ip address up at my noip ddns address so my DDNS is now pointing to my dedicated ip, myddns.ddns.net = aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

Im assuming that the ip address aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd will connect directly to my computer at my Torguard connection.

I m trying to set to a couple of port forwards.
I cant use my router to forward the ports any more as my torguard is running on my machine and not on the router.
My first three ip address are all internal then its my first connection to the internet.
I have gone in to port management at the torguard site and i have opened on both tcp & udp the following ports.

9090 for my Qnap server, so i can acccess all of my files (This is needed for my work)
25575 so I can get my Minecraft server back out to the world.

If i use an online port checker it says both ports are closed.
If i disable all my firewalls, it says both ports are still closed and still can connect.

If i try to connected to my qnap using my ddns name it fails,
If i try to connect directly using the ip address, it fails
My minecraft server cant be seen either using the ddns name.

Any ideas?




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