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TG VPN Firefox extension barely usable

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The new updated browser extension "TorGuard VPN Extension" for Firefox (haven't tested it in Chrome) is barely usable!

Following bugs/problems make it really hard to use:

  1. Copy-Paste of user credentials is not possible. When clicked on the TG icon on upper toolbar, the application opens as a popup. When focus is lost, all entered data is deleted. Thus, when I try to copy&paste my credentials from a password storage, I can only do one entry at at a time: either the username or the password, because otherwise the popup closes and the data is lost. Which means I HAVE to enter it manually -> this encourages to use simple passwords.
  2. If for some reason the connection fails and the status is stuck with "Verifying IP", the Disconnect-button is deactivated, so the only way to get rid of this is to restart the browser or to click "clear".
  3. Excluded Websites doesn't seem to work at all. I just cannot save anything there: all entries are deleted once the popup is closed.
  4. In Firefox Private Mode the application doesn't use credentials from the main window nor it saves entered credentials.


The 1.* version had its problems, but it worked. The 2.0 version in current state does not 😞


Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Tested in Firefox 87.0 with new profile.

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Sergus: Your problems, above, are mostly consistent with the previous version of the Firefox extension.

1. Copy/paste has never worked. I've always had to paste my cryptic password, and manually enter my long email address. The same is true for the new 2.0 release of the Firefox extension.

2. The "Verifying IP": This too is an old issue; I typically have gotten around this by checking to see if it connects quickly the first time. If it doesn't click outside the pop-up window, then re-click the extension button, and it should connect.



3. The new extension did not save any of the saved sites from my old extension. I have been able to reproduce this problem, with Firefox 87.0.


4. The new extension (2.0) is not, currently, saving credentials. Every time I reboot my laptop, I must re-add my login credentials. This is very annoying!

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(could not add this to the previous entry, as the Web UI/JS failed)


* I cannot change the country from ro.secureconnect.me - despite the interesting view of a down arrow.

I have used the multiple country logins for both security and availability of sites that are country-specific. This is no longer an option.

Support: Where can I download the OLD Firefox extension?


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I am also having all of these problems with the new version (I very much prefer the functionality and look of the old extension).

Additionally (and currently trying to work through with support) the new version 2.0 extension no longer works in Firefox private windows. Username and password are saved but when connecting to a proxy a "Login Failed!" message is displayed.

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Same issues here, the extension is not very usable with these. New gui ok as long as the extension works but alas it doesn't. TorGuard please correct this.

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 Same issue here. Can't select any country. Last version used: 2.2 from 31.3. 2021

Very unsatisfying.

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