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Feature Request - Password Manager

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Dear Torguard Overlords,


Please, please, please make a password manager.  You are already a trusted platform with solid security, and it would save me from having to buy multiple services separately.


Looking forward to my new requested feature :)

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Beside the fact that password manager is actually available, which lets you generate random password or change credentials for your vpn/proxy product page, I am not sure what you speak about. You mention that you would not need to buy multiple services separately, if you mean by that proxy/socks/vpn credentials, then I already replied it in last sentence, you can make them different on your products settings page.

Do you know what you monthly bandwidth is? If yes or if you are able to calculate it, you should get yourself own 10Gbit server which connects to vpn and you connect with as many as you wish where it is you who manages the passwords, taken in mind wireguard, it is set up in few minutes. Without to make promotion for different providers, you can get a server less than $ 4/month with 10Gbit and 20TB for 30 days, if you do not need 10Gbit, then probably any server would do it, you should probably choose the one closest to you. That way you can manage whatever you want by yourself.

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I think he means password manager kinda like Nord has maybe , "NordPass" But ... That is something i would not use so i don't have much to say. I do not use password Manager Programs as i just write mine down on a physical piece of paper and store it under my pillow with a backup under my other pillow.

To add a password manager feature into the VPN application software would make it much larger in size and would be not the best choice making a large program with too many features turns it into a coding nightmare, they could make a separate* product kinda sorta like Nordpass but.... it would likely need to be sold as a separate product to make it worthwhile as coding programs are not just small features it costs alot of money and time and testing so to recoup from that adding it for free as a new feature might be a loss and adding it as a separate product may be also a loss it is possible not many people would be interested in it.


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