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Seeing WoodyNet DNS servers in leak tests along with the pushed DNS server for a host

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Greetings all,


I'm seeing WoodyNet DNS servers being used over the VPN tunnel along with the pushed DNS server.  This happens with US and international hosts.  A persistent leak test will show the additional servers occasionally but not all the time being accessed.


This is new behavior with no config changes.  


I am on client 4.1.2, VPN Connecter 9.9x, OpenVPN connection type.  I've tried this on every US host and 5 or 6 international hosts with same results.  Any thoughts on what's occurring or what I am doing wrong?



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I assume your using the Windows Torguard App , Version 4.1.2 came out in September though .... TONS of updates and fixes have come out since then with the current version of "4.4.1" , There is also another large update coming out soon.... i would recommend Updating the App to the new version as that could fix alot of different things.

As long as the DNS leak test does not show any DNS related to your ISP* then it might be okay , using the pushed DNS option is basically telling the App to use the DNS from the specific IP/Server/Location your connecting to so if you want to see more Reliable* specific results then do not use the pushed.... You can set specific DNS options to use there are tons of options. You also have to have the settings inside the App setup correctly i'll post mine as an example.

It is also a good option in my opinion to *set the system DNS* as shown inside the picture which sets Secure DNS in your wifi/Ethernet adapter as a fallback to ensure no ISP leaks.

I just connected to all of the USA locations using pushed dns and none* of them showed woodynet dns for me... so it could be due to the fact your using an old version of the program or it could be due to settings inside the program.



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