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Using DDNS with a VPN

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I have a DDNS Service which was working perfectly on my old internet set up.
I was connected directly to the internet dynamic not static, and my external ip would update, periodically or if i rebooted the modem,
my ddns service would then update this ip address so i could log on to my home servers and gaming servers as well as be able to stream my music and videos.

This has worked perfectly for years......

Now i have been upgraded to fibre to the home.

My fibre broadband provider is set up so that i am on an internal network. ip 10.50.x.x ect, three internal networks before i get to an external direct ip.
Obviously this ip is not directly linked to me but to the incoming backbone, and i have no way of any sort of port forwarding ect.

If i want my own static external IP they want more money obviously, but that was the whole point of my original DDNS Service.
was so i didnt have to pay for this.

Now the question is.

Can i use torguard to connect to a remote vpn (london) and then use that ip address which is allocated to access my home pc via a DDNS service?
or will i have to get a dedicated ip address via the torguard app first, then use that dedicated ip address to get access to my home pc. (with torguard running obviously)

I though id ask first before trying in case it opens up a can of worms with regard to using the DDNS service with the ip address allocated on connection.

Many thanks


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