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Alternative to policy rules home network access through VPN

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I previously had an Asus (Merlin) router which allowed me to run a VPN client and using policy rules I could 'force' a single device to route via my Torguard VPN while still accessing my own internal network so for example I have a chromecast which could stream from Netflix in other countries but also run Plex accessing my NAS media library.

I had problems with the Asus router and have 'upgraded' to a Mesh router which definitely has pro's and con's, there is minimal configuration but range and speed are great.

I have bought a GL-iNet router which I can 'cascade' off the Mesh network and it does allow me to use Netflix on the chromecast but as it is now a different network I cannot access my Plex library, yes I simply change to the Mesh network and I can access the library but it would be nice to have the right internal/external access all the time.

I have thought about introducing a Raspberry Pi into the network and I am fairly certain it could be made to work but I just don't know how, I feel that 'all' the tutorials are really designed allow access to the home network from outside which is simply not my aim.

I don't think it is a complication but I would like to use Wireguard as my VPN protocol as it offers significantly less impact on speeds.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial or guide on how to achieve this?


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