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How can I be anonymous with a static streaming IP?

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When I log into my client area I use a gmail email which links me to my payment method, which is fine. I've bought this product - Anonymous VPN - where a random string is my VPN login, which is logless, I understand this, when logged in, I choose a US streaming IP which is a static IP so I'm wondering how i'm anonymous as this static streaming IP is tied to my TG login?

Say, for example, I'm doing something I don't want tracked, I'll use a movie download as an example, I download a copyrighted movie and the movie download site logs my static IP, which is obviously tied to my TG account, owned by me and doesn't seem to be part of the logless policy.

If anyone has knowledge on how I'm actually anonymous please that would be very interesting


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This was already answered i believe in 2019 basically the exact same question. It was answered saying that dedicated IP's are not linked to billing accounts. However as seen in the link above posted by boopa from torrentfreak it seems torguard has stated that Dedicated IP's should only be used for their designated purpose only and it states dedicated ip's are linked to payment details so that seems contradictory i think it just translates into only use dedicated ip's for their intended safer* purpose and use non-dedicated for whatever else you intend to do.

@Support Would need to clarify on this for a more precise answer.


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