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Using TorGuard for 5 years and now facing issues connecting

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I am an avid TorGuard fan.

It has never given me any issues, until now. In the past, I have installed it on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, and even 2019.

However lately, I tried installing it on 'Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation' and everything I do seems to fail. First, I am connecting to this server via RDP. When I installed Torguard and connected, it does not connect, and at the same time throws me out of RDP. The only option is to restart the server as TorGuard takes complete control and RDP just cannot work anymore. Worst, even Torguard doesn't connect.

I tried the newer version, latest version (with default settings), older version (Nov 2020) with default settings, changed DNS. Tried everything I could. I even lost 3 TB of data in the process as I reformatted my disk and screwed up one of my parititions, just to make Torguard work.

But it didn't.


Fed up and after losing over 36 hours of work, I hope this forum will let me know what am I doing wrong and why won't Torguard work on Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation version.

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1) If you connect to torguard on the server and try to access this server remotely via RDP without port forwarding then yes you will get disconnected - you have to port forward to gain access remotely while VPN is connected.

2) Re the connection issue, of course theres a vast number of reason why this might happen, can I suggest try the steps below?

--Go to more settings --> general tab --> click restore defaults
--Go to more settings --> general tab --> click Refresh next to Refresh Server List
--Go to more settings --> network tab --> click clean cache and refresh cache in that order
--Reinstall the latest build https://torguard.net/downloads.php and retest please (if you haven't already).

Let me know how you go. Thanks



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