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TorGuard Client v4.4.1

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Release torguard-v4.4.1, 2021-02-11

- All platforms: New QML GUI is available. The new GUI can be enabled from the Settings.
                 Command line options "--enable-qml" and "--disable-qml" are also available.
- All platforms: warning about legacy options "at application start" and "while establishing VPN connection" when setting static DNS.
                 The previous options are obsolete and will be removed in the near future. We suggest to set them to "None"
                 and use only the "when VPN is connected" option.
- All platforms: DNS at "when VPN is connected" stage can not be set to "None" anymore.
                 The old "None" option could lead to wrong configurations without DNS, letting the user have a "no connectivity" expierence.
                 If previously "None" was set, we will revert to the default value "Pushed DNS".
- MacOS: Accessibility warning for MacOS 10.16 and above.
          TorGuard requires accessibility permission on 10.16 and above.
          Accessibility permission are required due to the fact that on newer MacOS, the application can only
          control others applications if they have accessibility permissions. TorGuard controls OpenVpn, OpenConnect
          and WireGuard processes, TorGuard does not control any system or other applications.
- MacOS: Abort installation if TorGuard is running.
- Linux: Abort installation/uninstallation if TorGuard is running.
- Linux: new "Block outside DNS" option is available in Linux.
         This option could prevent DNS leak in special configurations.
- Linux: new "DNS Manager" option. The possible choices are:
         - "/etc/resolv.conf" (the default and the one used until now)
         -  "systemd-resolved"


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Why dont the client say there is an update?  :)

What is New QML GUI? 

I see its enabled in the GUI  in Ubuntu Desktop - but the "GUI" looks the same?

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MAC OSX system and preferences > Security and privacy > privacy > Accessibility, if so click the lock icon to unlock editing then you can click the + icon to add Torguard app.

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I was also sort of curious about more information about the new QML GUI....?? as there seems to be almost no information about it. I googled it and i did some reading but what i don't understand is why was it added? is it better or worse then the normal GUI why would i use one over the other basically what's the point of it? Some more information on it would be nice. 

I enabled it for awhile and tried it out and it seems basically almost exactly the same, i did however notice a small hickup with the new QML GUI* however, when enabled it sets off my NVIDIA program related to my Graphics card with a notification letting me know a game is launching in fullscreen and it adds an overlay onto my torguard application showing the frames per second in the corner of the torguard app... lol

In my Nvidia settings i obviously have the frames per second overlay enabled so it shows my FPS in games but i don't think it should be activating the FPS overlay for the torguard application that seems not intended i would think.

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I hate this

why is no one talking about WireGuard as a new addition to this version?


Also, documentation on new features would be nice. Super difficult to figure out the new technology without documentation.

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I experienced a frozen TG client issue with this update. If anyone else experiences the same, you can do this to fix it:

Edit the torguard client configuration file:



Search for "dns-manager-preference", set it to "linux_system_d" and start the client again.

I am using dnsmasq and dnscrypt services on my machine, so it is possible that the problem occurred because of my configuration. It was working fine before with /etc/resolv.conf option but not anymore for me.

I have not faced any other issue after fixing the configuration.

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