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Open VPN and Seeding Problem

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I'm using qbitorrent in a docker with Torguard VPN  for OMV. I have done port forwarding and checked connectivity checker. The port is open..


However Qbitorrent is not seeding anything. Is there are settings I'm not doing correctly? Do I need to make any adjustments on my router?



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Got it to work! 
Had to connect to their VPN using the docker. Write down the IP address from the logs. (at this point Port Forwarding not working yet). I went through Mullvad, NordVPN and PIA to no success. Finally tried Torguard-they port forward with a static IP address.

  1. Go to Torguard account manager and request a port forward from the VPN IP address in my container, I used UDP/1912 when requesting the static IP and port forward (something like 56001)
  2. I added UDP and TCP port forwards for the port 56001 on torguard.
  3. I created an OPEN VPN Configuration using their configuration website using the IP Address and UDP/1912.
  4. Loaded it to docker config directory using Filezilla
  5. Started docker and set qbittorrent port to 56001.
  6. It took overnight to start seeding but it has been working for 20 hours now.
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