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TorGuard's new ui preview?

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Looks nice from colors, I hope they will not stick to UI design for too long as there are several nice features which come along with wireguard and could be explored or used to attract new customers. I guess most usefull would be ability to edit wireguard conf just like wireguard does, where you can add peers as well as secondary ip, dns as well as some other things. As long as TorGuard does not offer those features, it is a way behind features offered by original client. If the result is that other clients offer more features in form that TorGuard compared to them becomes useless, then UI design will not help here too.

I left the comment as I do like that you create videos and you do it well, if you are not restricted for vpn related videos only, I might drop your credentials to few projects who would require such service, of course only if you want.

If there is room for criticism about video, then it would be about the lack of information, which is not really criticism towards you, but could be lack of communication from TorGuard with you. If that is the case, then I hope for you that they will improve it. I expected to see you showing the app in work but you got only screenshots from torguard,

Also, if room for wishes: Can you make a video comparing different VPN providers offering wireguard? That is I guess something many would like to see.

@Support on that point I would wish such users get at least remote access to some machine from which they could test/screenshot, that of course when you got room for such things, I know torguard team has currently higher priorities

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