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Torguard often (but not always) kills all USB ports upon ASSIGN_IP

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This is a really bizarre issue and not sure I can find an answer to this.

Sometimes, not always, but enough to have happened 3 times in the past 2 days, when turning on Torguard, all usb devices will stop working when it reaches ASSIGN_IP, including my wifi adapter and my keyboard and mouse. No new devices are detected when unplugging them and reconnecting them anywhere on my PC. Sadly, I disabled the shut down feature of my power button after my cat kept stepping on it, so my only choice is to hard shut down my PC when this happens. Upon starting back up, USB devices function as expected again.

Now that it's happened for the third time I'm getting pretty concerned and I can't find anyone facing a similar issue. It isn't consistent either, for example typically if I launch torguard immediately after startup it doesn't have this issue. What can I do to troubleshoot and resolve this? 

Note: Not every time do I start TorGuard does it have lock my USB devices like this, but every time my USB devices have locked up it has been upon starting up TorGuard, and specifically at the ASSIGN_IP step. Furthermore, perhaps because my wifi adapter is one of the devices effected, it never progresses beyond that ASSIGN_IP step, hanging there indefinitely. The only reason I know my PC isn't frozen is because the clock continues to march forward. 

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