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WAIT yet followed all guides to fix it

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I refreshed the cache (and deleted it), changed servers, changed protocols, changing servers, different port auths, different tunnel type, reinstalling but it gets stuck at WAIT


What else can I do?


I'm on the lastest version 


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It is likely a simple configuration issue on your computer , Iv been using Torguard for many years without any issues and i format and reinstall windows every 6 months and re-set everything up smoothly the only times i have ever had issues is because i have something configured wrong on my end such as firewall/antivirus/adapter/DNS/etc.

I would Recommend opening a support ticket and asking support for help ,

but First i would try the basic steps though and uninstall/reinstall the program fresh* do you have your DNS settings configured properly ? you can try changing the dns configuration in the Torguard settings but *ALSO* you can change the DNS on your Network Adapters I Never use my ISP DNS - I have had connection issues in the past by using public DNS options such as google / cloudfare / quad9 / opendns etc sometimes fiddling with DNS fixes the issues.

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