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VPN Speeds

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Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.  i have a dedicated IP address with TorGuard.  Up until 2-3 weeks ago or so, I was always getting download speeds of 18-22 MB/s.  Now I get 2.5 - 4 MB/s and I have no idea what changed.  I definitely didn't make any changes to the client (v4.2).  It's possible I may have upgraded to this version.  I thought TorGuard changed something on their end because I received an email about their 10gb networks.  I signed up for this and just ran a test and I'm getting the same speeds.  I know absolutely nothing about the settings I have so I'm afraid to change anything.  

Protocol - UDP, Cipher - AES-128-GCM, HMAC - SHA256, PFSS/TLS - Yes/v1.3, Local and Dedicated IP are listed too.  If I disconnect the VPN, my speeds go back to 18-22, so it's definitely something within TorGuard.  Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.

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On 12/18/2020 at 10:42 AM, Morphy said:

Dedicated IPs don't perform as well as shared servers. 


In this moment you could have right but at the same time, that is not true in this moment at least with my experience after almost 2 years using a Dedicated IP in Florida with Torguard.

Torguard is having a lot of issues with Florida dedicated IP's since October or November of 2020, and is not fixed yet. 

Yeah, 4 months later and there's no fix yet.

What I know is that the problem is with the tech people that manage the Florida Dedicated IP's/Service and the "Covid situation"... 

Really? 4 months to solve a problem like that? 

IF you have a dedicated IP be aware of this issue.

The problem stay complete present after the Black Friday sale of Torguard.

Then the service never come back like before, now you can get half of less of the speed and latency that you get BEFORE Black Friday...


Without intention to build a conspiracy theory and using the common sense... What you think about it?


Edit: You can't use some streaming services with shared IP's

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