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Resource spike when connecting and disconnecting the TorGuard client.

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I've attached a screenshot during the event. The results are identical even if I connect to the VPN service. Any idea what is causing this? Just an FYI, this has occured before updating to the latest version 4.3.0. I have also tried reinstalling with no results. 




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I just tried disconnecting and reconnecting while monitoring and it seems normal to me a small spike then it goes back to normal which is completely normal id say. My CPU seems to idle at around 2-3% and spikes to about 5% for a second then drops back down to 2-3% that is normal. I do notice your spike is bigger than mine but if i had to guess your larger spike could be related to running processes... Antivirus , Antimalware scanning a program that is launching or monitoring a program connecting to the internet and if your not using antivirus/antimalware of any kind then, possibly overclocking related or due to other programs running on your pc it could be alot of potential things. I can't say for sure but i would say the larger spike would be due to specifics of your operating environment.

I will attach a picture to show my results and yes i am using version 4.2.0 as it was part of the testing. 



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Thanks for the reply, RyDze. When I get a chance tomorrow I'll fiddle with my AV settings and see if it makes a difference. At the time I monitored this there were no other programs in use so I think you may be right. Stay tuned..

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