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Tim Hayes

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I registered yesterday with the streaming package. I basically want to watch the following. 

BBC i player


US & other international netflix

I have been sent an ip which I have set up as a UK IP - iplayer works fine

I can't access hulu using my UK ip or any of the US servers on the list.

Do i need to be sent an individual IP for each and every country i want to access? 

Is there a general info page for new users, i get i have to be sent an ip but its a little confusing beyond that. 

Please help Thanks


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My understanding is you need a streaming IP for each country you want to access.

You will not be able to stream 'geo-restricted' content from the US unless you 'appear' to be in the US.

The idea here is that you appear to be a resident of UK or US or Japan with a residential IP so you have access to that countries content.

The streaming bundle comes with 2 IPs so just request a US one from support.

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