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How to turn the kill switch off on the Mac? It never goes off for me.

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Okay, this has been a persistent problem for me for over 2 years, across multiple Macs and multiple Mac refreshes.

I have dealt with this in the past by never using the kill switch setting on the Mac anymore. Because once I have turned it on, it seems to never go off, ever. As in, to the point where I will uninstall Torguard from my Mac and I will still not be able to access the internet, unless I reinstall Torguard and turn the VPN back on again OR erase my entire Mac and start afresh.

I would say my knowledge of computers is fairly advanced, I can do a bit of coding and help most my family and friends with computer issues. 
Recently I turned on the kill switch again as I was travelling in a third world country and on unsecured wifi.

I cannot erase my Mac now to solve this problem. So I am looking for finally find a way to solve this.


What I have tried already:

1. Turned off both kill switch settings inside of Torguard - under the general tab and the network tab - I am still not sure of the exact difference between these two kill switch settings so if anybody knows?

2. In the network tab - I have turned off All those top settings - active firewall, prevent ipv6 leak, seamless reconnect AND 'kill switch (block all connectivity if VPN is disconnected') - THIS IS THE CULPRIT setting. This is the setting that prevents me from ever accessing the internet once I turn it on. 

3. I have turned off the 'Firewall' in the Apple system preferences

4. I have unticked Torguard's ability to 'automate' settings on the Mac under the 'Privacy' settings on the Mac System Preferences.

5. I have also unticked all Torguard's ability to startup at system login as well as the same settings in Torguard that stop it launching, connecting at system startup.

6. Completely deleted the TorGuard app.

7. I have also tried creating a new user on my Mac and logged in on there but I still cannot access the internet on there too unless I am connected to Torguard VPN.


I have tried all of these above and none of them allow me to access the internet in anyway without reconnecting Torguard VPN. I have also tried doing number 1 to 5 ALL at the same time. And I have tried a combination too.


None of the above solutions work, I still can not access the internet without the VPN being connected.


Some websites don't work with a VPN so I genuinely need to turn this switch off Torguard VPN sometimes. And now I recently started using this kill switch again, I am finally looking for a solution that does not involve erasing refreshing my Mac.


This problem for me has persisted through:
-a 2015 12 inch Macbook
-a 2017 12 inch Macbook
-macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina and possibly the OS before Mojave too

All of these operating systems and these two Macs this same problem has persisted.


When I try access the internet - I use Safari, Chrome and various different websites just to rule out any issues with accessing one particular website or through a particular browser. So it seems the problem does not lie there


I am hoping somebody can help here, that there is a simple solution that I am overlooking in the Mac settings. Maybe a VPN override somewhere to disconnect all of Torguard's abilities to interact in any way with my system? 

Is this a known bug? Anybody else had or have this problem, found any solution?

Please help, literally at the end of my tether now trying to figure this out.


Any help will be most appreciated



Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 20.37.46.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 20.37.58.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 20.52.55.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 20.53.25.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 20.54.35.jpg

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I am also having this problem, changing the kill switch settings off and restarting the computer doesn't seem to help either. An absolute pain! Only been happening since the latest version on the app 4.7.3.


Any more solutions??

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