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How to setup raspberry pi between modem and wifi router?

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I have a RPi4 with the community build of OpenWRT installed and working with wireguard connected to my dedicated torguard IP. What I'd like to do is put the Pi in between my LTE modem and my wifi router (gl.inet ar7500s). How do I need to setup the IP addresses on the pi and the wifi router?

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hello, you simply need to setup your dhcp server to send your rpi's IP address as gateway to clients.

If you use dhcp on your rpi, then click on edit you lan interface, navigate to tab dhcp server and click on advanced settings, lets say your rpi's IP is, then add dhcp options, 3 is for gateway, 6 is for dns, here you can find more if you need.


in the screenshot above, if your rpi is DNS server too, then you can add simply 6, too.

I set it to forced as I am not sure your another dhcp server is switched off, you should have only 1 dhcp server in your network.

That would be it. Before you set it all up, set your IP to static and set your rpi's address as gateway then you immediately see if it works. If everything is ok, you can setup your dhcp.

hope it helps

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