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IP2Location vs IP Address Lab

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I am not sure if this is a newbie sort of question, bear with me if it is.


Using the whatismyip.com IP Address lookup service, results are provided from two services: IP2Location, and IP Address Labs.


IP Address Labs is returning the result for the server location that I am using, but IP2Location is returning a location that is fairly close to where I am.


Then, my question is, what is going on here?


For more information (outside of my location), the server returned for my ISP using IP2Location is ips6.net. There is no server, according to the ips6.net website, in the location where I was pinned. Using the IP Address Labs result, the ISP is IPTelligent LLC, which I assume is correct as far as the VPN service is concerned.


Again, my apologies if this is a well-known issue that I should have been able to find on google--I was not able to find any helpful pages about this.



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Yes, it was showing the same IP for two different locations.


I just reconnected and now both IP2Location and IP Address Labs are showing the correct VPN location.


This is weird, but, I am glad that I let you know. In the future, I will take a screenshot and email it to you.

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