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torguard/pfsense/wireguard - specific routes

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Originally was going to use wireguard on 1 VM but found I had to start routing more than I originally planned. So I've now switched to setting up wireguard in pfsense. 

I got wireguard in pfsense and all is fine with wireguard itself(at least I think it's not the issue)
Now want to direct some traffic out wireguard and other traffic out WAN
Once I connect the wireguard all NON-vpn devices lose access to the Internet - they can still communicate with each other inside the network but lose the ability to do anything internet based. However my VPN devices are working as they should, I haven't confirmed they are doing DNS properly yet as I want to get my other devices working first.
To get wireguard working I used steps from:


Basically I only have a few hosts to send out wireguard, the majority will use WAN (including DHCP clients)
I'd like to take a group of IP's and make those go out the VPN, and anything else not.
WAN interface has public internet IP - 68.x.x.x
LAN gateway, this is gateway on all devices -

DHCP Range - -

Created an alias:



NAT/Outbound - Hybrid Outbound
I THINK this is allowing the wanted "protected" devices out via the VPN - this is good and what I'm wanting.


In Firewall/Rules/LAN I have the following:



Most examples for building this type of routing rules have involved openVPN and are from 2015. While this should be getting me close I still am not getting it to work. The things i"ve read indicate that the VPN connection should become a second gateway, and I'd just set that as the gateway on the VPN devices. However when I bring the wireguard connection up there is no second gateway getting auto-magically created. Do I have to create one? Shouldn't the rules I've put in place allow the flow of traffic over VPN, and if not meeting VPN then it flows over regular? 

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