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Recaptcha Discrimination against Disable persons

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To who this concerns,
  These forces "recaptcha' be it through visual or audio are discriminating against disable person who are of, seeing or hearing and of physically challenged, please come up with some else, I do understand that this recaptcha challenge's are for security purposes but it an over kill when people with disability who are trying for 2- minutes or more to navigate pass this hurdle called recaptcha just to login into their users account.


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actually in some countries it was brought to discussion to forbid such security measures, but it can not really get through and most homepages set cloudflare, captcha and so on because otherwise they have to waste much more time on dealing with spam and other useless time consuming tasks preventing from real work and raising only costs.

In general, everybody is very annoyed. However, there are few tips which should help you in some cases to void captcha verification and in some to make it easier/quicker. Best tip is to use non shared IP which nobody ever abused and which is not marked/registered as sharing service. TorGuard offers streaming ip's which would be such a type, better you ask torguard support which does fit here best.

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