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Can't Install TAP driver Windows 10

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On 9/30/2020 at 1:03 PM, OriginalName said:

I just bought Tor Guard and tried installing it and the Tap driver never installs. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling both times removing it from device manager to no avail.


I had the same problem, but only with Windows 10.

I wasn't able to use TorGuard for a couple of days as I tried to figure out
what the problem was, but I finally resolved it.

It seems to trace to the signed driver policy used in Win 10.  I never had
this problem before upgrading to Windows 10.  The TAP driver installs with
no problems on my Windows 7 machine.   Windows 10 refuses to install it no
matter which computer is running it.

The solution to the problem is not so easily apparent to the average user.

The only way around it seems to be to disable 'Driver Signature Enforcement'
prior to booting into Windows 10 and then installing the TAP driver and then
rebooting.  If you don't do this, the TAP installer will hang indefinitely
until it eventually times out with a fatal installation error.

After the next reboot, 'Driver Signature Enforcement' will be automatically
re-enabled in Windows 10 as a security feature.

Apparently the TAP drivers lack a Microsoft signature.  Any driver that lacks
such a signature will require disabling 'Driver Signature Enforcement' before
booting into Windows 10 in order to install it, including TAP drivers.

Hope this info helps someone.




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